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Financial planning

Being pregnant can be very demanding, especially on top of an already demanding job. These tools and resources will help you figure out what you are entitled to as well as ease the planning stage of parenthood.

Northumbria requires you to submit your notice to leave 15 weeks before the baby is due. But when exactly is that? Your midwife will most likely be aware and will prepare the MATB1 form in time for you to give to HR. However, it’s good to be prepared. This tool will help you figure out if you are entitled to statutory maternity pay, what is the deadline to notify your employer, and the earliest day you can start maternity leave.

Northumbria will provide you with a breakdown of the payment you are entitled to receive during your leave. However, this happens only after you submitted your maternity leave notice. It also does not help calculate what will bring home each month, after tax. This resource can provide you with a good estimate of what to expect, as you plan your leave before submitting your notification to HR.

You are entitled to 10 Keeping In Touch days during maternity leave, and 20 shared KIT days for shared parental leave (so 10 days for each parent). These days are paid. However, Northumbria will pay these once you return to work, so it’s worth keeping in mind. To calculate how much you would get paid you will need to find out your daily pay rate (which is available on the intranet). This resource will help you do the maths.

A new HMRC Childcare Choices website is available which provides information and a calculator on the childcare choices available to you.

Staff members at Northumbria can benefit from the OFSTEAD outstanding nursery on city campus. Fees are deducted via their tax efficient Salary Sacrifice scheme.

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